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Tough love and encouragement

Love for Words is a book editing boutique. We provide authentic and customized feedback to enhance your manuscript. Clients receive encouragement and support with a dose of tough love.

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Copy Editing

Copy editing focuses on the technical aspects of your manuscript such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Developmental Editing

Development editing concentrates on your story’s creative elements, like the writing style, diction, and plot.


Proofreading is the last step in the editing process—and the final stop before publishing.

Meet The Editor


CaTyra Polland

CaTyra Polland is an accomplished author, editor, and speaker. CaTyra has become an important voice in the literary community as well as the business world speaking to professionals from all backgrounds. 

CaTyra is the proud founder and CEO of Love for Words (an editing boutique for writers and authors.Through Love for Words, CaTyra helps creative people with professional editing services while supporting their creative vision. In this capacity, she serves as an editor, a mentor, and a supporter of each writer’s creation. She is wholeheartedly committed to every project and every client, and her passion for what she does bleeds through every step of the way.

 Additionally, CaTyra is the Creator and Hostess of Editor Knows Best, an international writing and editing podcast, “Editor Knows Best” where she shares her knowledge, experience, and passion with an audience of literary professionals.


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Why I Became an Editor

Why I Became an Editor

As a child, I loved to read. I would read dozens of books every summer. Every year I...

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Love for Words is an editing boutique. We have an extensive network so we are happy to refer you for services beyond editing such as formatting, publishing, graphic design, etc. Check out our media page for more info. 

Our Reviews

Customer Reviews

CaTyra is an amazing Editor! It was a true pleasure working with someone as anal as I am. Our most profoundmoment while working together was when she told me to remember, “We are shooting for excellence over perfection.” That is when I knew that I waas in the right hands. 

Tysharda Thomas

Satisfied Customer

The absolute best of the best! When loooking for a great writing team or service. Please DON’T HESITATE to work with this team. I recently asked the team to take a look at one of my essays. They did an EXCELLENT job!. They refined the writing in such a way that made things even more clear to the reader and the overall audience 

Mark Nixon

Satisfied Customer

Thank you Ms. Polland!! It is a pleasure running into a woman who wants to see you do your best!”The Praying Force” is my very first book! She helped me to think beyond the ordinary, and meet people where they are! I would definitely use her services again!! Book number two, here I go!!! Teamwork!!!

Angela Hall

Satisfied Customer