Three Game-changing Ways to Find the Right Book Editor & Why It Matters (Coming Soon)

The #1 mistake authors make that affects the success of their book is not selecting the right editor!

3 Game-changing Ways to Find the Right Book Editor & Why It Matters is a hidden gem that helps you find the PERFECT editor for your first or next book.

After all, you don’t want to rack your brain for hours to land on a story angle that captures your plight or spend your precious time and energy finishing your manuscript only to hire an editor who completely changes your work.


Product Description

Did you know that there are different types of editors?

We’re talking far beyond placing periods and correcting commas⸻that’s a proofreader, by the way. Editors play a key role in the development of your book, and depending on what you need, they can help craft your narrative for you.

The wrong editor can twist your words and make you feel unheard and misunderstood. They may have absolutely no experience in your genre or may even negatively judge your work.

The right editor can be your sounding board to bring your vision to life.

You want to make an impact, start a movement, or inspire others to overcome a challenge. And books are so powerful that they can function as a springboard for bigger goals like these and help you earn more money.

Don’t leave the telling of your life experiences to just anyone. Let’s get you clear on how to find the right book editor for just $27.