Legacy Beyond Offspring

Leave your mark on this world,
even if you don’t have kids! 




Leave Your Mark

Don’t have children but want to leave a mark? Legacy Beyond Offspring includes ways you can impact the world even if you aren’t a parent.

Meet The Author

CaTyra Polland, M.A. is the founder and CEO of Love for Words (an MWBE editing and copywriting boutique for writers and authors.)

Through Love for Words, CaTyra helps creative people with professional editing services while supporting their creative vision. In this capacity, she serves as an editor, mentor, and supporter of each writer’s creation. She is also a published author, poet, and keynote speaker.

Her ambition garnered her recognition as a 2023 ATHENA International Finalist, 2023 Rochester Business Journal Elevating Women Honoree, 2018 Rochester Business Journal 40 Under 40 Honoree, and a national Point of Light Honoree.

Her legacy consists of creating the Literacy Love Scholarship for high school students in Rochester, NY. She is also the hostess of Editor Knows Best, an international podcast for literary creatives. She founded National Black Authors Day (May 4), and she mentors up and coming editors.

CaTyra’s mission is to promote literacy, empower others, and see that her wildest dreams come to fruition.

CaTyra Polland
CaTyra Polland- Author
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"As a child free woman, I have invested in others who will carry on my legacy."

Already a parent? No worries, these opportunities also apply to moms, dads, and guardians

Don’t have a lot of capital to build your legacy? No worries! There are options clearly outlined in this book to fit anyone’s budget. 

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