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Book editors do more than make sure your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. We ensure your writing is fluid and poignant. The best way to make sure your book is polished before it goes to print is to invest in editing services. Let’s connect to discuss your next project. 


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 Our exclusive network of editors works with traditionally published authors in every genre, here’s what they often ask before the start of a project. 

Do you offer expedited services?
If applicable, yes. There is an additional charge for expedited services.
How much will it cost for you to edit my document?
It depends on the length of your document and the type of editing it requires.
Can I contact you after you submit the final edits?
Absolutely. I encourage all clients to share feedback and questions after reviewing the edits.
How much does editing cost?
It depends on how long your manuscript is and what type of editing it requires.
What type of editing do you offer?
Learn more about the types of editing here
Can you refer me to other literary professionals?
Yes, Love for Words has an extensive network of illustrators, publishers, formatters, and more.
Have you taken any editing courses?
Udemy, Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection
Highlights Foundation, The Art of Giving & Receiving Critique
What makes you different than other editors?
    1. -We focus on client empowerment and encouragement.

    2. -Accessible across the country.

    3. -Our founder is also a 9x published author, she is familiar with the self-publishing process and is sensitive to authors’ concerns about working with an editor.                               

    4.  -We have a powerful network of literary professionals. We refer our clients to top-notch professionals.  

    5. -Our team has completed various editing courses through organizations such as Udemy and Highlights Foundation.

    6.  All clients have access to interview on Editor Knows Best, the podcast.

    How do I schedule a consultation?

    Do you provide a free sample edit?

    1-3 pages
    Do you edit electronically or on hard copy?
    Electronically unless the client requests hard copy edits. There is an additional charge for hard copy edits.
    How long does it take for you to edit my document?
    It depends on the length of your document and the type of editing it requires. Schedule a consultation for more information.

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