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Love for Words

CaTyra Polland:



I’m CaTyra Polland, M.A. the CEO/Founder of Love for Words (an editing boutique for writers and authors), a 9x published author, editor, and speaker. I’m also an alumna of the University at Buffalo and the University at Albany. 

I help creative people with professional editing services while supporting their vision. In this capacity, I serve as a, mentor, and supporter of each writer’s creation. I am copywriter, poet, songwriter, and international speaker.

I’m the Creator/Hostess of Editor Knows Best, an international writing and editing podcast for literary professionals. I launched Literacy Love, a scholarship for high school students in 2020. I also founded and hosted Writers Paradise, a forum for writers and authors. I also founded National Black Authors Day (May 4).

As a Black author and editor, I want to connect Black authors and editors. We must collaborate with literary professionals who understand and appreciate our manuscripts. This understanding includes knowledge and love for African American Vernacular English, cultural references, and the Black American experience. 

My mission is to promote literacy, empower others, and see my wildest dreams come to fruition. 

Awards & Honors

Point of Light Honoree (2015)

Richard S. Holden ACES Diversity Fellow (2022) 

Rochester Business Journal 40 Under 40 (2018)

Cystic Fibrosis Rochester’s Finest Honoree (2023)

ATHENA International Finalist (2023)

Rochester Business Journal Elevating Women Honoree (2023)


“Hellified Editor”

A few years back when The Rochester Black Author Expo was in its 2nd year, CaTyra decided she wanted to become a sponsor of the event. She did that two years in a row and by the third year she was in the expo selling her own book.

CaTyra invested in me and my event. Flashback to last year when I needed an editor for my upcoming novel Sophomore Jinx I did not have to look far. After doing my research on her work she was highly recommended. So I had no choice but to return the favor and hire her as my editor. she will be making more than she initially invested in me…and she did that all with no guarantee that I’d use her services. I could have used any editor but it would have been criminal for me to not use her after she invested in me! And she is a hellified editor! I salute and thank you CaTyra! Bottom line is support Black owned business each and every time you can! ” 

Corey Lamar Tanksley

“Constructive and Practical Feedback”

“I first learned about CaTyra through her weekly podcast Editor Knows Best Podcast, which provides practical advice for creatives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals seeking book writing best practices, manuscript development advice, editorial services, and additional resources. Her podcasts helped me understand how to get the most out of her services by helping me determine which type of editing service my manuscript needed.

During our first session, I knew Love For Words had to be one of my creative partners. CaTyra provides thorough, constructive, and practical feedback that greatly improved my manuscript. For example, I was concerned about ensuring that my message was reaching the intended audience. In response, CaTyra provided helpful feedback to address my concerns. At the end of our collaboration, CaTyra delivered. Now, I have achieved a few milestones in my writing career that has allowed me a space to routinely write to my audience. I highly recommend the editing services offered by Love For Words. I am a returning client of CaTyra Polland, the founder/ CEO of Love For Words because she continues to exceed my expectations in every professional project we collaborate on for my self-publishing business, WalkTime Books.” 

Roger Isom Jr.

“More Than I Expected”

“CaTyra Is amazing and professional. I really enjoy working with her. I was nervous about the editing process and did not know how it all worked, she took the time to explain it to me and was very patient. She gave me more than I expected.”

Shurvone Wright

What to Expect

Love for Words exists to support, mentor, and foster excellence in our clients. Love for Words provides authentic and customized feedback to enhance your manuscript. You will receive encouragement and support with a dose of tough love.